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Our Philosophy 

Play can be defined in many ways but at it’s heart it is a powerful place that allows children to make sense of their world in a safe and secure environment. We place a high value on play based learning.


“Play is a process of taking and making, it allows children to perceive the world from dif­ferent angles. They get a working knowledge of their environments, recognise physical objects and features, know how things might connect in novel and non-stereotypical ways, recognise how others use space and the value of connect­ing and disconnecting with them, and discover threats and opportunities”. (Bateson 2005).

We believe in creating learning environments that encourage children to be active leaders in their own learning by providing experiences that follow their interests and are hands on for children to freely explore concepts, ideas and make meaning of ideas/skills they already possess. We also strive to challenge their skills and encourage them to participate in experiences that are designed to further specific skills. By following the “Early Years Framework” and National Quality Framework in our daily practices we not only draw from experiences that happen here but also events/thoughts/views that happens in children’s family life, culture, the world, at community events and the views/beliefs of our Educators.


By drawing on influences from all around us we are able to provide an environment that acknowledges and respects individual views, skills, abilities and/or experiences. Creating an inclusive, meaningful space of acceptance, trust and respect where a person’s whole-self can be expressed, explored and represented in our learning environments.


It is important to provide children a safe and secure environment with areas that they are able to relate to, foster their individual development, connect to and are age appropriate. We want to create play spaces that are inviting, welcoming and allow children to be active participants in their learning. It is important that the indoor and outdoor environment reflects their home life, the community and the natural world. We want to support children’s natural curiosity, wonder, reflection, creativity, imagination and experimentation. We want our spaces to encourage children to take risks, challenge themselves, ask questions, appreciate beauty, spark curiosity, problem solve and wonder why, invoke happiness and joy through intentional teaching.


It is very important to establish a professional culture with our Educators so that they are supported in furthering their own skills, reflect on their practices and work collaboratively within the team in their room and the centre.  It is the educator’s role to facilitate learning, reflecting on each child’s development in their room, catering for all capabilities, following interests, and furthering skills. We aim to promote and support children’s physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development. It is also vital for our Educators to develop strong ties with the families and local community so that we can work in partnership when developing children’s programs and learning environments.


We recognise and celebrate our influential role in children’s life during the early years of development and excitedly embark on this unexpected journey with you……………


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