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Exploring our play spaces

Our newly renovated service boasts two classrooms: Bilbies and Possums.

We have a dedicated arts and craft area, a tiered playground, two smaller outdoor areas and a sustainability area.

Bilbies Classroom

Our Bilbies classroom is a warm and welcoming environment for 18 months to 3 year-old children. This room is centred around play, exploration and discovery through all the senses. 

Sensory and play-based learning is key for this age group. The room is designed to encourage exploration, discovery and learning through play, and is organised into individual learning areas to support developmental needs of young children. These areas include music, art and craft, dramatic play, sensory play, physical activity, language, literacy development and more.

The furniture in the classroom is safe and comfortable for young children, with quiet areas providing a space to relax, recharge, engage in quiet activities and to practice autonomy.


We ensure that we prepare and guide the children in their move up to the Possum room.

Possum Classroom

Our Possum classroom is the pre-school room for 3 to 5-year-old children. The heart of the program we provide the children is still play-based, but with the additional focus of school-readiness.

The children have an active voice in the decision making of their room in terms of layout, program design, project work and more.

We ensure the room changes frequently, organising learning centres that promote concentration, team-work, exploration, discovery, and learning through play.

We pride ourselves in fostering the children's growing independence and self-confidence, getting them ready for their next leap into school.

Outdoor environments

Our outdoor play areas have recently been fully renovated to maximise space for the children. Sustainable materials were used throughout, an example being the decking made of recycled bottle lids. The top tier of the playground is totally dedicated to waste minimisation and sustainability in the form of dry compost, wet compost, hot compost, and a worm farm. 

Other parts of the playground house veggie pods, maintained by the helping hands of the children, a sensory garden where the children can smell the native greens and herbs around them, and mandarin trees, when ripe are picked for morning tea. 

The play areas within the natural outdoor environment are safe and stimulating for children to engage in a variety of play activities, such as climbing, sliding, sand play, water play, imaginative play and more.

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