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What is finger gym?

Finger gym is an activity in early childhood education that involves a range of fine motor exercises and games designed to strengthen the small muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrists. These exercises can include using tweezers, squeezing playdough, threading beads, manipulating small objects, and other activities that require fine motor control and coordination.

Finger gym activities are important for young children as they help develop the muscles and dexterity needed for later writing and drawing skills. They can also help promote hand-eye coordination, concentration, and perseverance. Additionally, finger gym activities can be fun and engaging for children, and can help build their confidence and sense of achievement.

Finger gym activities can be integrated into daily routines in the early childhood setting, and can be adapted to suit the needs and interests of individual children. Educators or caregivers may provide a range of materials and tools for children to explore and manipulate, and can provide guidance and support as needed. Finger gym activities can also be used as part of a larger curriculum or learning theme, such as exploring different textures or colours.

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